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Learn NO HANDS® massage in York

Master the massage approach that’s going global with our three-day Transforming Touch accredited massage course.

York’s only licensed & approved NO HANDS Massage courses, this course will equip qualified massage practitioners with the essentials of this deep and powerful treatment. Over 3,000 massage therapists in the UK are already trained in NO HANDS massage – will you join them?

What is NO HANDS massage?

This deep tissue massage involves injuries, aches and pains being soothed away by highly qualified massage professionals. It does this silently, through the sheer power of healing touch.

NO HANDS massage integrates neuromuscular, myofascial and trigger point release in a unique and effective way. The deeper psychological and emotional roots of most structural pain and dysfunction are also effectively addressed through our powerful touch protocols – all without a word being spoken.

Why learn how to do it?

It is the only proven zero strain approach to Massage, so not only will you be able to give as many treatments each day as you wish you, but you get to protect your valuable massage career for life.

Want to experience it?

Try a NO HANDS treatment and you’ll see why it’s transformational.

If you want to learn this revolutionary approach to massage – and increase your business – register your interest today by calling 07803 139435 or email This 3-day flagship course will cost just £299.

Love White Lily

Reiki training

Would you like to take a journey into the world of Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual energy which is used in a safe, gentle and non-intrusive complementary therapy. It is a discipline which includes meditation, energy cleansing and spiritual principles for living. Practitioners are encouraged to practice self-healing for personal growth and improved self-awareness.

What can I expect on a course?

Reiki training courses are filled with love and light and are followed up with support from your Reiki Master. All courses include a manual, certificate and ongoing support.

Who is the course for?

Anyone can feel drawn to Reiki and each person’s Reiki journey is unique.

The course begins with Reiki Level I, with the option of progressing to Reiki Level II, Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.

Our Reiki courses:

Reiki I (2-day course) £180
Opening meditation
Learn about the history of Reiki and the Usui healing method and receive four Reiki attunements.
You will learn how to carry out self-treatments and about giving treatments to others.

Reiki II (2-day course) £235
Opening meditation
Learn about the symbols and how to use them and receive three Reiki attunements.
Time to practise using the symbols to enhance your Reiki energy when self-treating or giving treatments to others.

If you would like information about Reiki Master Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher training, please just ask.

To begin your Reiki journey please call 07803 139435 or email today.

Certified Laughter Yoga

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader – £199.
This is a certified Laughter Yoga International 2-day course. After successfully completing this course you will be certified to offer and run Laughter Yoga sessions and set up your own Laughter club. The 2-day intensive training is empowering, fun and offers ongoing support.