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HO HANDS® Massage

NO HANDS massage


What is it and how can it help you?

Deeply releasing, rejuvenating and nourishing… NO HANDS massage is one of the most powerful new therapeutic massage treatments.

Dubbed the ‘gentle giant’ of massage, the treatment was conceived and developed by UK therapist Gerry Pyves after 20 years of clinical testing.

NO HANDS massage works by using the soft front of the forearms; they are applied using controlled body weight resulting in a deep, powerful and effective massage.

What happens in your NO HANDS treatment?

Before your treatment begins, we will ask you how you would like to feel at the end of it:

  • perhaps you want to feel freer and looser? If so, where?
  • do you need to take time out to recharge your batteries and be looked after for a change?
  • would you like to feel as though you’re being wrapped in a warm blanket?
  • maybe you want to feel more connected with your body, your inner strength or your purpose in life?
  • are you feeling exhausted and drained, in need of more energy?

NO HANDS massage does much more than help you relax or soothe painful muscles; it’s truly transformational and so powerful that you may feel the benefits long after your massage has ended.

The NO HANDS foot massage

Sheer bliss! If you want to feel as though you’re walking on air, this is for you. The foot reflects your whole body so this amazingly deep foot massage leaves your body feeling transformed. This is a deeply relaxing and pleasurable treatment to soothe away the stresses of the day.

The NO HANDS back massage

Do you suffer from tension and knots in your spine, hips and neck? If so, this powerful releasing treatment can help. The unique NO HANDS approach means that so much more release is achieved than through conventional massage – and it’s pain-free. This NO HANDS treatment will not only free up your back but energy throughout your body.

The NO HANDS head massage

So much more than a head massage; this NO HANDS treatment encompasses your head, neck, face and shoulders. Tension will be released throughout your body and you’ll be left feeling nurtured and rejuvenated. Thanks to the gentle depth of NO HANDS, you’ll find this to be a profoundly uplifting experience.

The NO HANDS full body massage

Looking for the ultimate massage experience? You’ve found it. Our full body NO HANDS massage combines all of the above treatments to create one powerfully flowing massage. From start to finish you feel enveloped in healing power and your body can take from it what it needs; whether it’s nurturance, connection, release or rejuvenation.

What style of massage would you like?

To ensure your NO HANDS treatment delivers the result you need, you can select from one of the following different styles of massage:
Connecting: Extremely grounding – this uses deep, earthy, slow downward strokes to help you reconnect mind and body
Nurturing: Ultimate relaxation – envelops your tissues in flowing, soothing strokes like water over pebbles in a stream
Releasing: Stretching and mulching muscles – powerful deep strokes used to free up your spine, hips and neck
Repleting: Replenish and recharge – very gentle, slow massage strokes, perfect if you’re suffering from exhaustion
Energising: Warming and energising – light, fast, firey, zippy strokes to warm the body and shift energy